Asia Bibi is released from prison after eight years on death row

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Asia Bibi has been released from prison, after spending eight years on death row in Pakistan. However, it is not exactly known where she is at the present moment except that she is in Pakistan and in a secured location. 

She is a Pakistani Christian woman who was accused of insulting Islam founder Mohammad; and as a consequence was convicted under Pakistan's blasphemy law in 2010.  

In the last week, Pakistan's supreme court have announced Asia's acquittal of blasphemy. However, Islamic extremists have organized protests in the country and demanded the government not to let her leave the country. 

They have also demanded for her execution as well as the those involved in her acquittal and release. 

This pressure has led the government to keep Asia Bibi in the country whilst also asking the supreme court to review their decision. 

There are now fears for Asia and her families safety. Asia's husband and daughter have had to hide in their home in fear for their life. This has led them to starve as they are unable to obtain food.  

These past days Asia's family have also pleaded to the international community to offer asylum for them. 

“I ask the Italian government to give us asylum and help me and my family get out of Pakistan. We are in danger.”

Asia's lawyer has already had to flee to the Netherlands due to death threats. It is unknown yet what will be the outcome. 

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