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Pope to Vatican Scientists: There is a lack of will to end wars and invest in common good

Pope Francis met in the Vatican with members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, as they kicked-off their two-day conference called “Transformative Roles of Science in Society.”

The former President Professor Werner Arber greeted the pope, introducing the session. 

Former President, Pontifical Academy of Sciences
“The Academy is increasingly concerned about the relationship between science and society.”

He mentioned the themes the Academy deals with including, climate change, energy, robotics, protecting nature and biodiversity. 

Pope Francis also gave his input on these ideas, saying there is a long way until there is development that is both integral and sustainable.

“The possible fruits of this mission of service are countless: here I would like to mention only a few. First, there is the immense and ongoing crisis of climate change and the nuclear menace”. “The elimination of hunger and thirst, high levels of mortality and poverty, especially among the eight hundred million needy and excluded of our earth, will not be achieved without a change in our way of living.”

Pope Francis said he mentioned concrete proposals in Laudato si' for achieving these goals, but believes there is a larger problem at stake. 

“There is a lack of will and political determination to halt the arms race and to put an end to wars. A lack to urgently move to sources of renewable energy, programs that ensure water, and food and health for all. There is a lack in investing for the common good the enormous capital that remains inactive in fiscal paradises.”

He concluded, asking that the scientists' work bring about common good for all peoples, especially the poor and lead to respect for planet earth.