Pope makes surprise visit to hospital for homeless near the Vatican

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The pope ventured out of Vatican walls to St. Peter's Square to visit the field hospital open this week for people in need. 

He arrived by foot to the square, where many pilgrims had the opportunity to greet him personally.

The temporary hospital is offering free medical care for homeless during this week. The pope entered the waiting room to greet the patients and excitement ensued.

'Thanks papa, forever!'

The pope wanted to greet the nurses...

...and the doctors.

'Is there a lot of work?'

These doctors told him they've already treated two people for heart attacks.

Pope Francis even underwent some medical examinations, such as this test at the eye doctor...

Or this one.

'We love you so much, Papa.'

Some took the opportunity to ask for his advice.

It was a brief visit, about 15 minutes long, but it was special. These tents represent an area where besides healing the wounds of the body, they also try to cure those of the soul.

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