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Rome Reports

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Brotherhood of Our Lady of El Rocío visits pope for 25th anniversary of John Paul II's trip

It took two planes to get a 300 member group to arrive to Rome to greet the pope. They are part of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of El Rocío.

Twenty-five years ago another pope, John Paul II, visited them in Spain, and left them this message: Bring your devotion to all the world.

They made a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Polish pope with his symbol called “Without Sin.” It represents the Mother of God, and it is their way of taking Our Lady of El Rocío to the Vatican. They also affectionately call her the White Dove.

Member, Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío
“St. John Paul II was in El Rocio in 1993. He visited us, and we have come here to return the visit to Pope Francis.”

All the members of this brotherhood wear a medal with the Our Lady of El Rocío. The original color of the cord is green, but during their pilgrimage every year it turns brown because of the sand on the road.  

Member, Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío
“I come with the Brotherhood from Huelva to accompany the “Without Sin,” which represents Our Lady of El Rocío. We all wear this necklace of the Blessed Mother, during this trip to see the pope.”

Every Pentecost, the brotherhood makes a pilgrimage which is attended by one million people. On behalf of all that pilgrims, they came to Rome.