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Pope in Angelus: God's Kingdom is founded on love not on power of arms and lies

During the Angelus, the pope reflected on the feast of the day Christ the King. He said that Christ kingdom is not founded on political power but on love. 

“History teaches us that kingdoms founded on the power of arms and lies are fragile. They sooner or later, collapse. However, the Kingdom of God is founded on love and is rooted in hearts.”

After the Angelus, Pope Francis asked for prayers for Ukraine. They had recently commemorated the anniversary of Holodomor. It was a man-made famine carried out by the Soviet Regime killing, it is estimated, millions.

“This memory is painful. The wound of the past is a appeal to all to ensure that such tragedies never happen again. Let us pray for that dear country and for the deep desire for peace.”

Despite the rain, 25,000 people gathered on St. Peter's square to see and listen to Pope Francis. He even praised them for their courage. 

“Congratulations, because you were all brave coming out in this rain! You're brave! Bravo!”

Among the many pilgrims, the pope greeted the choirs that came for their Third International meeting in the Vatican.