Seven apps to get you excited for Christmas

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The app world also celebrates Christmas, offering this interesting options to experience the most important celebration of the year. 

This first one is simply called “Advent Calendar.” During each day in December, it proposes a passage from the Gospel and a challenge for children, young people, and adults. It also presents a video with a message from the pope. 

The second application is a Christmas video game. It is called “Santa Claus Christmas Farm.” The player must decorate a Christmas village while helping Santa Claus hand out gifts. 

One app meant for children is “Jesus was born!” It features puzzles and coloring pages depicting the many characters of the Bible. This way, children can become familiar with the stories in a fun way. 

Putting the holiday spirit to the test is “Christmas Riddle.” In order to play, one must guess different words based on given images and related songs.

Next up is a classic. Every year the “ElfYourself” app goes viral. It allows users to take the faces of loved ones and paste them on a video of two dancing elves. 

For meme lovers, the “Christmas photo effects” app allows one to express his/her creativity by creating and sending personalized Christmas cards with stickers and special effects. 

However, the most important aspect of the Christmas season should not be forgotten. The “Novenas” app will be especially useful for those who pray on those nine days before Christmas. It sends daily prayer reminders and includes a Christmas Carol section. 

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