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Puppy accompanies textile artist presenting her works to the pope

The General Audience receives thousands of visitors every week from all over the world. Sometimes they come with their furry friends alongside them. This is what Teresa Munoz did when she brought Violeta to meet Pope Francis after presenting the Vatican with her textile works. 

Textile artist
“The puppy was on her best behavior, even though everyone wanted a picture with her. However, she behaved well, she didn't bark, she was calm and, of course, the holy father blessed her.”

In Spain, Teresa is a textile artist and was asked to produce three unique pieces for the Tota Pulchra association. This is the first tapestry with the logo of the association in a bold gold and red. 

The second is a white chasuble that depicts the Blessed Mother using silk and silver thread. 

The third is a stole for Pope Francis that is meant to match his simple elegance. 

Textile artist
“The stole is made of noble materials, natural silk. And also has a very simple inscription of Pope Francis' initials made in crystal.”

She presented the pieces to the Tota Pulchra association and they are displayed in the Apostolic Palace of the Chancellery. Teresa emphasized the importance of preserving the long history of textile art. Her pieces in the Eternal city will help share the beauty of this almost-forgotten craft.