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Mexican grandmother fulfills dream of visiting Vatican with her family

This Mexican family gave their grandmother a trip to fulfill her dream of visiting the Vatican. She has come with her children and grandchildren all the way from Baja California. 

“This is to bring our mother, who is 85 years old. She has always wanted to come to the Vatican and be close as possible to the pope and to God.”

They wanted to share a nice family memory, because recently they experienced the death of a loved one. 

“It's very important because we've unfortunately just lost a brother. Afterwards, she then felt the need to have God much closer to her.”

For her grandchildren it is unreal to be in Europe. However the most important thing is that they be close to their grandmother, since they spend little time with her.

“I don't see her very often and I look forward to being here with her and my whole family.”

“The reason is to form memories, because there is no other to compare with it. These memories are unique.”

The family is devoted to St. John Paul II, because he was the pope who visited Mexico the most. In one of his visits, he even said that he was Mexican. This is why they took the opportunity to visit his tomb. 

“ I am very happy. I have wanted to come here a lot and visit John Paul II.”

“It's the first time in the Vatican.”

“What do you think?”

“Very beautiful and peaceful.”

Before leaving the Vatican, they took the opportunity to have all their gifts blessed. They are bringing them back to their loved ones, so they too may share the pleasant memory.