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During Angelus, pope launches appeal to welcome migrants rescued in Mediterranean

Pope Francis made a strong appeal during the Angelus to offer two ships with rescued immigrants on-board a safe harbor. Several countries in close proximity to the Mediterranean have refused to allow these people to disembark.

"For the last few days, 49 people saved in the Mediterranean Sea have remained on board two NGO boats. They are looking for a safe port to disembark. I call on European leaders to demonstrate concrete solidarity toward these people."

Pope Francis also explained the meaning of the solemnity of the Epiphany, which means letting oneself be reached by the light of Bethlehem. The pope also remembered there were people who rejected this light, like Herod and the scribes.

"They represent those who, also in our day, are afraid of the coming of Jesus and close their hearts to brothers and sisters who need help. Herod is afraid of losing power and does not think about the true good of the people, but about personal income. The scribes and the leaders of the people are afraid because they do not know how to look beyond their own certainties, thus not accepting the novelty of Jesus."

However, the Three Kings acted differently. They faced a long road. The goal was to know God made man, a meeting that changed them forever.

"Brothers and sisters, every time a man or woman meets Jesus, He changes his or her path. They return to life in a different way. He or she come back renewed by another way."

Before saying goodbye, the pope invited Christians not to be afraid. He encouraged not to close one's heart, so the light of Bethlehem can penetrate it.