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Pope wants all bishops to clearly know how to combat abuses

The Vatican has offered initial details of the February summit on sexual abuse. It was convened by the pope and will be attended by the presidents of all the Episcopal Conferences in the world. 

For the pope, this meeting has a clear objective.

Vatican Spokesperson
“The February meeting for the protection of minors has a concrete purpose. The goal is that all of the bishops clearly understand what they need to do to prevent and combat the worldwide problem of the sexual abuse of minors.”

The pope advises that the meeting is not an academic seminar, but an occasion for prayer and discernment, from which concrete results should be obtained.

Vatican Spokesperson
“It is fundamental for the Holy Father that when the Bishops who will come to Rome have returned to their countries and their dioceses that they understand the laws to be applied and that they take the necessary steps to prevent abuse, to care for the victims, and to make sure that no case is covered up or buried.”

The meeting will take place at the Vatican from Feb. 21-24. In addition to seeking global solutions to the scourge of abuses, the bishops will participate in a penitential liturgy.

Pope Francis has appointed Fr. Federico Lombardi, a former Vatican spokesman, to moderate the summit and its work.