Pope's emotional visit to an HIV center

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Pope Francis' visit to Casa Hogar del Buen Samaritano was very emotional. It is a center for people with HIV and AIDS, who have few resources and have been rejected by their own families.

In addition to center's patients, Pope Francis also spoke to elderly, sick and disabled people. He also spoke to orphaned children like Abraham, who wanted to welcome the Pope with this song with lyrics by St. Francis of Assisi.

Pope Francis praised the work of these centers of assistance. They are places, he explained, where the Church and faith are born through charity.

'To be here is to touch the silent and maternal face of the Church that is capable of prophesying and creating a home, creating community. It's the face of the Church that normally is unseen and unnoticed, but it's a sign of the concrete mercy and tenderness of God. It's a living sign of the good news of the resurrection that is at work today in our lives.”

Afterward, the pope prayed the Angelus. He spoke regretfully about the situation in Venezuela.

'Given the serious situation it is going through, I ask the Lord to seek and obtain a just and peaceful solution to overcome the crisis. To respect Human Rights and exclusively desire the good of all the inhabitants of the country.'

Pope Francis also remembered the young cadets killed in Colombia in a bloody attack. He said the names of all of them who were 'killed by terrorist hatred,' the pope said.

Before leaving, the pope received the warmness and affection of these children, the elderly and the sick through their gifts.

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