Pope to WYD volunteers: Thank you for making possible the multiplication of hope

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Pope Francis met with thousands of Panama WYD volunteers who have worked constantly to make this global event a success.

The volunteers, just like the pope, still had a lot to give of themselves despite their busy schedules these past days.

Pope Francis listened to some of the volunteers testimonies. They have been preparing for months for WYD.

The young people presented the pope with this performance, a modern representation of the Annunciation of Our Lady.

Pope Francis began his speech by first thanking them for their selfless service and commitment.

“Commitment makes us grow. This is what makes us big. You all gave the best of yourselves to make possible the miracle of multiplication, not only of loaves but of hope. In giving the best of yourselves, by committing yourselves, you performed the miracle of multiplying hope. We need to multiply hope. Thank you all for this.”

The pope also added that through their work all of them have shown it is possible to renounce one's own interests in favor of others.

“Every time we give up something that we like for the good of others and especially those most in need, or for our roots as in the case of our grandparents and the elderly, the Lord pays it back a hundredfold. He beats us in generosity because no one can beat Him in generosity, no one can surpass Him in love.”

Finally, Pope Francis invited them to speak to everyone about their experience as volunteers; and not just with words but with simple and ordinary gestures “that transform and renew each hour of the day.”

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