Virtual Reality Tour transports you to ancient Rome 320 A.D.

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Go back in time to see the ancient ruins of Rome only 300 years after Christ. This virtual tour, Rome Reborn, allows one to do just that!

Twenty-two years in the making, this virtual tour provides insight into the ancient Roman Forum, the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, and a comprehensive flight in a hot air balloon over the entire city. There are stopping points along the way, explaining various historical facts. 

Creator, Rome Reborn
“As an archaeologist, I saw immediately what at least one problem could be: time travel. How do we get to the past? We can't really get there, but we can use assimilation to do simulated time travel back to the past. So I started Rome Reborn with the idea to be able to take people back to ancient Rome, the Rome of 320 A.D.”

The team of experts working on the project keeps the virtual tour up-to-date by sharing new findings from archaeologists in Rome. Thus, there are views of the ruins today and what they were like back then, with explanations of all the changes made.

Creator, Rome Reborn
“I like to say the target audience of Rome Reborn is anyone in the world, the general public, anyone in the world, who is interested in ancient Rome, which is just about everyone. Thirty million people come to Rome every year, that means about six billion people don't come to Rome every year. Rome Reborn allows you, in your living room, in your study, in your classroom, to take that virtual time travel back to the past to ancient Rome.”

By the end of this year and into 2019, they will be adding extensive tours of the Colosseum, Imperial Forum and Circus Maximus. They hope when finished, technology will advance so that all pieces can be obtained in one, instead of in these separate parts.

While it cost over $3 million to make, each application is available for under $10, some even as low as $1.99. It can be used on a normal PC. 

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