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Pope approves miracle to canonize Newman and promotes cause of József Mindszenty

The Vatican has released a new list of possibly news saints, blesseds and venerables. Among this list are two famous cardinals: Englishman John Henry Newman and Hungarian József Mindszenty.  

Although a date has not yet been set, Card. Newman will be canonized as a saint this year. This is because Pope Francis has approved the miracle needed for it.

He converted to Catholicism when he was 45 years old. This decision lost him his job in Oxford and many friends. However, this did not discourage him. He went on to be ordained a priest and fought for Catholic rights in England. Newman was also elected as cardinal when he was 79 years old.

He is a man known for his great intellect. John Henry Newman's writings are still a source of inspiration for many people across the world. 

József Mindszenty has also been declared venerable, the first step in the beatification process.

Mindszenty had suffered greatly under Soviet occupation. For 50 years he denounced the atrocities committed by the Soviet government. As a consequence, he was tortured and served an eight-year prison sentence; and his Auxiliary bishop was assassinated. 

It is for this reason that Mindszenty is symbolic for the peaceful and courageous resistance of Eastern European Catholics.