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Rome Reports

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Abuse victims ask pope to establish more concrete measures against abuses

Some of the representatives for abuse survivors were present in Rome to listen to the pope's concluding speech on the Vatican's Summit against abuses.  

They reacted with disappointment. 

Director, Ending Clergy Abuse
“We've been here talking about zero tolerance, written into Church law. This is what he had to do. Its in his power to do it.”

“The pope did not say bishops are responsible from now on; and if they cover up abuses they will lose their job. He does not speak about the need to financially compensate victims. He does not put any concrete measures on the table.”

 “There's no name, there's no date, there's no concrete measure. They are just words and more words.” 

“The pope said we must defend children. However, we already knew this before he even told us.”

In response, during the press conference, the organizers of the Summit assured that they are working on proposals, based on what they have studied these days, to establish other concrete measures in tackling abuse.