Pope to visit Bulgaria refugee camp and honor Mother Teresa in Macedonia

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From May 5 to 7 the pope will visit two countries: Bulgaria and Macedonia. It will be his fourth international trip of 2019.

The trip will be short, but the schedule will be intense. He will arrive May 5 in Bulgaria. There he will visit a refugee camp, celebrate Mass for people making their first communion and pray for peace with representatives of other religious denominations. He will also pray privately before the chair of the patrons of Europe, SS. Cyril and Methodius.

On the seventh, he will travel to Northern Macedonia. He will go to Mother Teresa of Calcutta's memorial with other religious leaders and the poor.

Ecumenism will mark a good part of the trip, both in Macedonia and in Bulgaria. In both countries Catholics are not even 2 percent of the population. Most are Orthodox within these two countries.

In just three days the pope will deliver 11 speeches and homilies. He will also participate in 14 different meetings, including visits with authorities, liturgical celebrations and encounters with local communities.

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