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Rome Reports

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Homeless pilgrims travel from Paris to Rome to see Pope Francis

These pilgrims are part of “Fratello.” It is a worldwide organization dedicated to helping the most needy. It gained popularity after Pope Francis announced “World Day of the Poor” in 2016. 

These “Fratello” pilgrims are from Saint Ambroise parish in Paris. There they help accommodate and find housing for those living in poverty; as well as assist migrants and other people living at a disadvantage. 

“We want to bring together people who are in difficult situations.” “To support people who are poor, who live on streets, who are living in isolation.”

These pilgrims had received funding from their fellow parishioners to help them do this pilgrimage to Rome. 

They had traveled by train from Paris; and each one of them are praying for a person who couldn't come. 

For those who work with “Fratello,” they do not see the people they help as poor or homeless but as family. 

“We do not see them as homeless, we just see them as brothers and sisters. Some of us have more and it is to see how we can live together; and how we can help bring back people to the life.”

It was very important for them to see the pope as it helped reaffirm and encourage them in all the work they are doing for the most needy. 

“He has our support because this is what we want to do in our parish; and we have been doing it for many years; and also we have his support that he is supporting us spiritually and in many other ways with his prayers.”

They will now continue their pilgrimage in the Eternal City attending Mass together; and promoting more “Fratello's” call for everyone to help the poor.