Aid to the Church in Need launches new campaign to support religious sisters

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Aid to the Church in Need is a pontifical foundation of the Catholic Church. They help both Catholic and other Christian communities suffering from persecution, oppression or in need.

This lent they are launching a new campaign for religious sisters. It is to help raise money for all nuns helping countries “hit by war, poverty or where Christians are a minority.”

From war-torn Syria, to post-communist countries such as Ukraine, these are just some of the places these religious sisters work. 

Sr. Samia Jriej lives in Homs, Syria. The work of these sisters is to help to rebuild communities that have lost hope after the war. 

“This represents God’s love on earth. We thank ACN for all their help and support. ”

Similarly, these three sisters work at a children's shelter in Kapshagay, Kazakhstan. They assist kids from broken families and those who have experienced abuse.

“They witnessed how their parents drank, and sometimes were beaten by them.”

For Sr. Rita, it is important all these kids grow up to be good people. They take them to school and help foster their passions. One of the many great outcomes of their work is the visit from a kid who is now grown up and has a family.  

Mother Graciana is from Peru. She belongs to the congregation of Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim. They work with people living in remote areas where no priests reside. 

They have received special permission to assist at baptisms, marriages and distribute communion. For them ACN's support is essential in their continuing work.

From sunny Peru to snowy Ukraine, Sr. Clara's country still feel the painful effects of the Soviet Revolution and wars of the last century. Despite the cynicism that now exists there, Sr. Clara managed to discover her vocation to enter a contemplative order. 

“We pray for all people.” “This is our vocation.”

This Lenten campaign not only wants to raise funds for these religious sisters; but pay tribute to all those women who have left their homes and countries to assist people living in dangerous situations.  

According to the Statistical Yearbook of the Church, there 659,445 religious sisters who dedicate their lives to prayer and service to the most needy across the globe.

For following this Lent and Easter campaign ACN's website has prepared a special section with updates and resources.

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