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UK Minister for Faith: Pope Francis very much revered in Britain, not just by Catholics

During the Vatican conference on how world religions can help in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, it has examined religions' role in social as well as environmental factors.

One of the conference's participants, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, UK Minister for Faith, says for the British government faith groups are important in supporting communities.    

Minister for Faith (United Kingdom)

“Faith should come together and act together powerfully to provide reassurance, to do positive things in communities, to bring people together. So I think that is absolutely vital.

One of the many important contributions religion has offered to society is in education. According to UNICEF, religions support 50 percent of all schools; and 64 percent of schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

The UK Minister for faith also notes the great esteem the UK has for Pope Francis; and his recent call for the rights of Christian Communities to be respected across the world. 

His government has even recently called for an independent review to see what more can be done to assist persecuted Christians across the globe. 

Minister for Faith (United Kingdom)

“He is very much revered in Britain, not just by Catholics. He provides a very powerful lead in saying that Christian communities should be protected, all faiths should be protected.”

“It is very good to see that we are giving emphasis to that as a country. The foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is giving a powerful lead to say we want to look at that.”

According to a recent report from Aid to the Church in Need, “more than 245 million Christians are strongly persecuted throughout the world.”

The British government's independent review on how to better assist persecuted Christians is expected to be completed by Easter.