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New book on Pope Francis' role during Argentina's Dirty War and dictatorship

In the 1970s, while Pope Francis was just entering his 40s, the Dirty War and military dictatorship occupied Argentina. As torture and killings ensued, at least 30,000 people disappeared. 

This book, “Salvados por Francisco,”or “Saved by Francis” demonstrates how the pope assisted people during this time.

Author, “Salvados por Francisco”
“When he was elected in 2013, a column in an Argentine newspaper said Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a collaborator of the military dictatorship. This book shows absolutely the opposite.”

It's not the first book on this issue, but it again proves he helped, protected and even accompanied people in their trek to leave the country. 

Author, “Salvados por Francisco”
“When we see and look back at everything that happened, thousands of people who disappeared, children taken and given to different families. Francis probably says, 'Why didn't I do more?' Probably, I say, 'He was also afraid.''”

Pope Francis had a “clandestine” way of protecting, so no military would find out what he was doing. 

He says while young Argentinians love the pope, it's the older generations who he is hoping to target. So those that lived through these dark times know what his research says is the truth about Pope Francis.