Blessed is She: connecting women virtually and over brunch

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Communities of women around the world are uniting both virtually, through Sunday brunches and retreats. This is “Blessed is She.” It was created to unite women in community and most importantly to Christ.

It began in 2014, the result of a desire on creator Jenna Guizar's heart. It is an online resource for women through a website, blog and Instagram page, offering advice and encouragement to live lives of beauty and grace.

They have Facebook groups as a way to meet other women in your city or country, even when studying abroad or traveling to other countries. 

Founder and Creative director, Blessed is She

“A lot of women have actually created little spin-off groups and shared ways to get connected in play dates, if you're a mom. If you're not a mom, they've coordinated small groups to get together and to pray together and to just be together. So that's been really awesome to see. The regional Facebook groups are really, really special and they are a great way to be connected with other Catholic women in your area.”

In addition to resources on their website and social media, they offer membership with planners sent straight to your door twice a year for Advent and Lent. A member also gets 24 free workshops a year. 

Founder and Creative director, Blessed is She

'The workshop is something super special. It is a live call with me and another person who's giving the workshop. I'm kind of the host of it to just introduce everyone. They just teach something that they have some wisdom in.” 

They also have retreats all over the United States and even one in Dublin, Ireland. Women of all ages and walks of life are invited to come, delve into God's word and share their stories. 

Yet beyond retreats and workshops, the encouragement continues daily as subscribers can receive daily Bible verses straight to their inbox. It's one way women all over the world can truly connect and spark friendships as they delve deeper into the faith.

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