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Vatican presents pope's new apostolic exhortation, “Christ is Alive”

The Vatican has presented Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation “Christ is alive.” The new papal document is based on proposals presented at the Youth Synod last October. The pope signed it on March 25 at the Shrine of Loreto. 

Under Secretary, Synod of Bishops
“The very title of this document, 'Christ is alive,' tells us that Christ lives and wants to meet young people.” “The foundation of youth ministry the pope proposes to the Church is to encourage the encounter of young people with Jesus. This is so they can realize that Jesus is with them.”

The document consists of nine chapters. Pope Francis offers advice and addresses issues such as the importance of the family, caring for one's roots, sexuality, work and vocation.

Additionally, the pope laments that young people often do not find answers to their concerns and needs in the current structures of the Church.

Unsecretary, Synod of Bishops
"[They are] concrete themes specific to young people. The digital world, the world where they live, the family and the relationship of dialogue needed within it, especially with the elderly. The pope has repeated this many times."

As the exhortation is aimed at young people, a student also participated in the presentation. She says she is happy with the result. This is because all the efforts during the synod were not in vain.

Synod Participant
“I invite everyone, especially young people, to read it calmly and take time with it. This is because I am sure each one of us will find something that concerns us.” 01:24 “I really liked that this document is not a manual on doctrine with teachings, to me it seems more like a guide.”

Pope Francis is the second pope to write a magisterial document on young people. He encourages them in their spiritual, personal and professional journey. The pope also reminds them that “they are not alone” because Jesus is always with them.