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Exodus 90: true freedom attained for men through daring 90-day challenge

What started in a seminary for men who were becoming priests has spread to a challenge daring young men of all ages and walks of life to become true men today. 

It is done through Exodus 90. It is a rigorous spiritual exercise composed of prayer, asceticism and fraternity, leading men to self-mastery and freedom in 90 days. 

The co-founder and executive director says after only three years, 15,000 men have participated.

Co-founder and Executive director, Exodus 90
“I think a challenge speaks deeply to the heart of men today. Pope Benedict said we were not made for comfort, but that we were made for greatness. Exodus has a way of intriguing men and ultimately calling them to something higher.”

This is seen through self-denial from alcohol, sweets, video games, television and unnecessary internet use. There are also additions, such as cold showers, intense exercise, and meeting with a fraternity of like-minded men who are also participating. 

Co-founder and Executive director, Exodus 90
“When you remove your distractions, and you remove your temptations like you do during Exodus 90, you realize that you have so much time. There's an epidemic in pornography around the world. So much time, so much consumption of material that destroys the soul through sin. It's empirically proven that through Exodus 90, those bad habits are stinted profoundly.”

He says for these reasons and more this program is currently only for men, since it specifically addresses mens' spiritual needs, which are different from those of women. 

They say they are currently drafting possible ideas for a women's program, but it would not look anything like this one. Meanwhile, he encourages women to pray for their spouses and friends who are doing Exodus 90.  

Co-founder and Executive director, Exodus 90
“Exodus absolutely does affect the marriage and it is very important that spouses give their husbands the blessing they need to continue through the journey. The promise that we make to these women who make these sacrifices is that by the end, you're going to find yourself with a man who's far more communicative, and is far more present to you and to your family.”

Yet, prayer is also an essential element. Praying the rosary and having a holy hour each day combine with meeting and praying with the other five to seven men in one's “fraternity.” 

There is also an app to help guide each man through this program. It offers meditations on the 90 scriptures in the book of Exodus, as each man rids himself of excess to attain ultimate freedom.