If pope won't go to Argentina, Argentina will come to him

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Pope Francis still has not traveled to Argentina in his six years as pontiff. However, many Argentinians have come to Rome to visit him.

The Carranza family, from Cordoba, is one example.  

“It is something really important, a source of great pride for us. This is a fulfilling experience that generate an important sense of hope.”

“This experience gives you goosebumps. Seeing him, feeling his presence close-by is impressive.”

María Fernanda, also from Argentina, was able to see the pope up-close as soon as he arrived in the square. She came to Rome with a group of friends and they were sure to get his attention.

“We are a group of four Argentinians wearing the national soccer jersey and he made this gesture... He signaled to his heart, as if we reminded him of Argentina. He must miss our country. Surely, if you give him some mate, he'll be happy.”

Moreover, visiting Rome has its advantages. Once in Europe it is easy to take the opportunity to travel to other major cities.

However, no matter how many cities you visit, the Eternal City always leaves its mark.

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