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Miguel Aranguren publishes novel with a passionate reconstruction on the life of Jesus

The story of the most influential person in history continues to change lives.

Spanish novelist Miguel Aranguren has accepted the challenge of writing a novel about Jesus. The result is this story that imagines what is not mentioned in the Gospels. It is titled “J.C. The dream of God.”

Author of “J.C. The dream of God”

“I was much more afraid of making a melodramatic novel, in which, as in the religious films of the 1940s and 1950s, everyone has strange voices and expressions full of mysticism. What I wanted was to enter fully into the literary space I had created. This is a space very attached to its time, a really hard time. In a place where it was not easy, but difficult for the characters.”

He was been working on it for seven years. The novel “J.C. The dream of God” imagines and reconstructs stories about the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. This is to help one get to know the protagonist of this novel.  

It also includes descriptions about what the creation of the world was like, the first sin and the history of Israel. 

Author of “J.C. The dream of God”

“Historical documentation is fundamental. It is important to place the characters in their environment, in the historical circumstance they lived in. However, I'm a novelist. Therefore I'm not so interested in reproducing what is already in other books, mainly in the Gospels. I wanted to recreate through this novel, those blank spaces that are not included in the Gospels.”

It's Miguel Aranguren's 12th novel. It is a book for readers of all kinds; and it hopes to please those who are passionate about great stories, as well as characters. It is a work with an exciting ending that continues to set the course for humanity.