True story captures love, life, and death in the film “To Joey with Love”

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The film “To Joey with Love” is the true story of country music singers Rory and Joey Fleek as they experience love, life, and death. 

It was released in 2016 in the United states and this year will premier in Spain and Latin America. Having it translated into Spanish will allow the story to reach millions more. 

The film was made after Rory began recording his life with his wife and co-artist, Joey, as they were expecting a new baby. 

'When we found out that she was pregnant we knew that nothing in our life or in our marriage could be better. So, after much prayer we decided to take the next year as a sabbatical and spend time at home.'

While they were experiencing the joys of being new parents, Rory kept the camera rolling. They filmed everything from discovering their baby girl has down syndrome to everyday moments of joy and laughter.  

As time went on, complications arose with Joey's health. The videos capture her battle with cervical cancer and the final months of her life. 

The story that captivated the United States is premiering in Spain in late April and other Spanish speaking countries in August, through Bosco Films. 

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