Argentinian group travels to Rome to see pope and hope he will visit his native country soon

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Whoever said that pilgrimages can be boring do not know this group of energetic Argentinian women.

They come from different cities in the north of the country and are on a 16-day pilgrimage. The groups first stop was to come to Rome and see Pope Francis.

“It was a very moving experience to see the pope with his particular type of charisma, who spoke to us and encouraged our participation.”

“We are surprised to be in Rome. Not only that, but to see our Argentinian pope in St. Peter's Square is important and special for us. Additionally, to explore the streets of Rome, each and every corner of it.”

They say on their wish list is to see Pope Francis visiting his native country. 

“Before when he was Cardinal Bergoglio it was easier for us to get to him. However, as pope it is the first time we have seen him.”

“God willing. We are waiting for him. As the truth is the people, the Catholics, the Christians, are waiting for him in Salta and in Argentina.” “We are Christians, we are Catholics, we are Argentinian. We need to have him close to us.”

“Oh, it is beautiful! Beautiful! This is because in Argentina we love the pope very much. There is a great variety of opinions. However, most of us love him very much. This is why we are always asking him to come. We think he will at some point when it is convenient for him as well as for the country.”

However, Rome is not their only stop. After their time here, they will go to the city of peace and the Holy Land.

“First we are going to spend two days in Assisi, and then we are going to the Holy Land.'

“What do you expect to do in the Holy Land?”

'We will arrive to Tel Aviv and from there we will begin our pilgrimage by foot.”

They are determined that neither age nor tiredness will stop them. As Pope Francis says, to be young is more than an age, is a state of the heart; and these women know how to do it perfectly.

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