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Four young people design the “Google Maps” for Masses

“Din Don Dan” is an app created by four young people from Milan. Its purpose is to help one find Mass when away from their parish.

"We conceived of an app that could first of all serve our needs. This is because we want to find Mass when we are away from our home parish. Not only did we need it, but so many others from Milan too.”

They managed to collect all the Mass schedules for the parishes in their city and have created this app.

One can simply open up the app and find out where the nearest churches are. Not only are the times for Mass indicated, but for confessions as well as the opening hours for the church. There is also a compilation of the pope's reflections on the meaning of the Eucharist.

The users can collaborate in helping to expand and update the Mass schedules for churches they know. In little more than a year Din Don Dan has almost completed the entire map of Masses in Italy. Other countries have already asked them to do the same. It is an ambitious project and they are looking for collaborators.