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“Ave María”, the pope's new book on the Virgin Mary

The month of May is dedicated to Mary. So there's no better time to present a book explaining in detail what the “Hail Mary” means.

The book consists of two parts: the first is an interview with Pope Francis analyzing the prayer sentence-by-sentence. The second narrates the experience of the book's co-author, Marco Pozza, as chaplain of a prison in Padua.  

The idea was born when he asked the pope to help him understand prayer more deeply and not just recite it from memory.

Prison Chaplain (Padua)
“I wrote a letter to Pope Francis, I put it in the post box. I have no special contacts, I only knew Paolo Ruffini. I mailed the letter and in it I simply explained to him,'look I need help here'”.

With this book, he hopes to bring Catholics closer to Mary. In this way, they too can have a better understanding of the Marian tradition the pope talks about so much.

Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
"The book was conceived as a commentary on the different lines of the 'Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed you are among all women...' On each of these phrases, the dialogue with Fr. Marco shares his feelings and what inspires him".

Prefect, Dicastery for Communication
"It's a book, it's a prayer. We live every day at a fast pace. We are frantic, so uselessly frantic that it seems that we do not have any time. No time to pray, no time to think".

The book is available in Spanish and Italian and is the continuation of another dedicated to the Lord's Prayer.