Pope to Romanian families and young people: The evil one brings discord and divides

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Four children welcomed Pope Francis and accompanied him during the last stages of his journey through Iasi Square, in Moldova, in the Northeast of Romania. Behind the stage was Moldova's national museum complex the Palace of Culture.

Although it was an informal gathering and not a Mass, the image of Our Lady was placed near the pope's seat. It is the icon of Our Lady of the Cacica.

The bishop presented another image of the Blessed Mother for Pope Francis to take to Rome.

A young man gave his testimony to the pope about the difficulties of living the faith in a hostile environment.

Afterward, this couple explained to the pope about their eleven children in which two are priests, another two nuns, and the rest married. They told him how they had disobeyed the communist regime, which did not approve of such a large family. 

In his speech, the pope asked all people not to forget their roots, and to be willing to collaborate with others. 

“The evil one divides, scatters, separates. He sows discord and distrust. He wants us to live 'detached' from others and from ourselves. The Holy Spirit, on the contrary, reminds us that we are not anonymous, abstract, faceless beings, without history or identity.”

He recalled a Romanian legend that says the end of the world will come when there is neither love nor understanding among brothers and sisters, relatives and Christians. This is because without God and without love life cannot be lived. He said faith gives strength to love one's enemies.

“Where there is noise, let us try to listen. Where there is confusion, let us inspire harmony. Where everything is uncertain and ambiguous, let us bring clarity. Where there is exclusion, let us offer solidarity. ”

Before leaving, the pope prayed to the Blessed Mother entrusting the lives of these people and the whole country to her. 

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