Michael O'Brien, a Catholic artist exploring contemporary society through his works

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“On the Edge of Infinity” is a biography that examines the life and works of popular Catholic novelist and painter Michael D. O' Brien. 

According to Clemens Cavallin, author of the book and Professor in Religious Studies, Michael O'Brien's life shows a Christian artist trying to be true to his faith despite pressures in society.  

Author, “On the Edge of Infinity”
“The book is a story about a Christian artist and his struggles in a modern and post-modern world. Someone who wants to be a sincere Christian artist and not to compromise.”

In the 1970s Michael O'Brien had decided to take a radical turn in his life, leaving his job as a meteorologist to dedicate his life to producing Christian Sacred Art. In the 1990s he attracted the public's attention with his thriller novel “Father Elijah: An Apocalypse.” It explores the “state of the modern world and the contemporary religious scene.”

Author, “On the Edge of Infinity”
“You can see in the many characters of his books people who get socially dislocated from their belongings, wondering in the world and experiencing intense suffering. However, they can still understand and connect this to a larger Christian understanding of the world.”

Clemens Cavallin had been granted special access to Michael's diaries from the 1970s to the present day. He hopes by exploring the creative life of this Catholic artist it will inspire more young people.

Author, “On the Edge of Infinity”
'I really hope young Christian artists will look at this story and be inspired in their own struggles.” “It is a very crucial generation. A generation that was young during the era of the Second Vatican Council; and who have lived through that period of the Church until now.”

Michael O'Brien continues to live in Canada seeking to restore the Christian culture through his artistic works. 

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