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Putin and pope's third meeting anticipated with giant piece of art

Land Art is an artistic discipline which Dario Gambarin masters. The canvas is dirt and the brush a plow. However, what's peculiar is that it can only be fully seen from one point of view: the sky.

On the occasion of Vladimir Putin's visit to the Vatican on July 4, Gambarin decided to capture the face of Vladimir the Great on earth. He converted to Christianity in the 10th century and allowed the evangelization of the East Slavic peoples, which were a part of present-day Russia.

Putin himself inaugurated a 65 foot statue of him in Moscow to mark 1,000 years since his death. The face drawn by Dario Gambarin measures six acres and is located in a field in Verona, Italy.

It is not the only face that the artist has captured in his land. In the past he has drawn Obama, Trump, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis and Leonardo da Vinci.