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Rome Reports

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From Spain to Rome by motorbike to help refugees

Pope Francis received a group of bikers in his last audience before vacation began. Along with the Italian bikers were also the KM SOLIDARITY. 

They are a very special NGO made up of a group of Spanish bikers. They use their passion for motors to help those in need. 

They traveled to Rome from Spain, covering on their motorcycles more than 1149 miles in five days.

“Our arms and our legs hurt, and above all it is so hot. It was not so hot when we first began our trip, until we reached Toulouse. From then on it got hotter as we entered further in to Italy, so much hotter.”

At the audience, the pope blessed their helmet. It features a drawing of Jordan where they will bring the helmet next year. This trip will be sponsored by BMW and the funds will go to Jordanian refugees. 

KM SOLIDARITY plans to travel there to continue raising money for refugees. There a priest called Fr. Carlos Jaar helps Iraqis who have fled the war. 

President and founder of KM SOLIDARITY
“He receives all refugees, both in the Church itself and in his office. For example, he has two families in his office. These refugees are both Christians and Muslims all fleeing from the Islamic State. They go there as it is the first reception center they find in Amann, which is the capital of Jordan.”

“We plan to do another trip at the end of the year to visit Jordan and see the camp and the people. We will then go again in March. The idea is to fly there, because it is dangerous to go to those areas by motorcycle. However, the stretch between Jordan and the camp will be by motorcycle, sponsored by BMW.”

These bikers personally paid for this trip in order to dedicate the proceeds exclusively to refugees. They will now return to Spain. However, this time by ferry. When not on a motorcycle Eduardo works for an insurance company and Ismael in the prevention of occupational hazards. They will return to their daily routine until their next motorcycle adventure.