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Rome Reports

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Pope to scouts: the latest smartphone or fashion will never give you joy

With this enthusiasm, the pope was welcomed by more than 5,000 scouts, boys and girls participating in the Euromoot meeting.

First, the pope asked them to be active and generous, explaining how to do it.

“Giving means stop suffering through life and go out and give the world a little good. Please, do not leave your life on a nightstand. Do not settle for watching life on television. Do not believe the next app to download will make you happy. ”

Pope Francis insisted no one is a photocopy of others, rather God created each person as an individual. He also invited them not to live alienated, wishing only to obtain, because that is not the path to happiness. 

“The latest smartphone, the fastest car or dressing in the latest fashion, besides the fact that it will never be enough, it will never give you the joy of feeling loved and the joy of loving. This is real joy: feeling loved and loving.”

The pope spoke to these young people in a language that is relatable and close to them. He asked them to go out and meet others, precisely in a nature, an environment that the scouts know very well.

“Creation is an open book that gives us a precious teaching: we are in the world to meet others, to create communion, so that we are all connected. Creation is made to connect us with God and among us, it is God's social network.”

Before concluding, Pope Francis also wanted to give them a final message about Europe and a special mission.

“Love for Europe, which unites you, also requires not only attentive observers, but also active builders: builders of reconciled and integrated societies, giving life to a renewed Europe; not protective of spaces, but generating encounters. Europe needs to come together.”

At the conclusion, the pope greeted them for a long time. He also tried on the the traditional scouting scarf, called a neckerchief, around his neck.

The young people were very impressed by this encounter with Pope Francis.

“They were all excited to meet the pope, to listen to his words. Pope Francis is a bit like the chief scout, he is an example to follow.”

“We are different in some things, but we all have the same scout experience and faith. Coming together to Rome unites us as a Church. It is an unforgettable experience, very special.”

These 5,000 Scouts came on pilgrimage to Rome after traveling around various parts of Italy. They come from 20 countries and their goal was this audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican.