Pope resumes his public schedule and prepares for more trips as well as Amazon Synod

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After the July break, Pope Francis resumes his public schedule. He begins an important second semester full of important appointments.

In September he will return to Africa to visit Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique. These three countries are in general marked by poverty and instability, and Catholics are not in the majority there.

It will not be the only trip planned. Pope Francis announced that by the end of 2019 he is planning a trip to Asia to visit Japan. It remains to be seen what other countries he could visit, such as Vietnam.

The second semester of 2019 will be marked by an important religious and ecological event: the Synod for the Amazon. Representatives from the Catholic Church there will travel to Rome and reflect with the pope on evangelization; as well as the problems the Amazon communities experience there.

It will be a great opportunity to discover what serious injustices affect a major part of the planet's environment and those who inhabit it.

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