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Pope Francis: euthanasia falsely promotes personal freedom

The pope spoke strongly against euthanasia during a meeting with Italian oncologists.

If you choose death, the problems are seen as somehow resolved. However, how much bitterness lies behind this reasoning. What a rejection of hope to choose to give up everything and break all ties!

Pope Francis lamented how euthanasia is disguised as an option for personal freedom. This is because ultimately it is about eliminating people considered useless. 

The practice of euthanasia, which has already been legalized in several countries, apparently is intended to promote personal freedom. In reality, it is based on a utilitarian view of the person. They are seen as useless or equated with a cost, if from the medical point of view they have no hope of improvement or can no longer avoid pain.

This Italian association is made up of more than 2,500 medical oncologists working in 332 hospitals in the country.

However, it wasn't just doctors who participated in the meeting. Many of their patients were also in attendance, an example of human attention to sick people.