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Pope celebrates Russia-Ukraine exchange of prisoners and prays for peace

Before praying, the Angelus reflected on the Gospel of the day, wher God tries to save everyone, without hating anyone.

During the Angelus, the pope could not ignore the agreement between Russia and Ukraine. The two countries agreed to an exchange of prisoners that took place on Saturday, Sept. 7.

I am glad for the free people, who have been able to embrace their loved ones. I continue to pray for a quick end to the conflict and for lasting peace in Eastern Ukraine.

Before praying the Angelus with pilgrims, the pope reflected on the Gospel of the day. He remembered how God never gives up hope on saving each person.

No one can replace you in God's heart. You have a job, it's yours, and nobody can replace you. Also for me, no one can replace me in Jesus' heart. 'But I have messed up so many times.' Do not be afraid. God loves you. He loves you as you are. Only His love can change your life.

To change one's life, the pope recommended forgiveness as the first step. Accept God's forgiveness by going to the sacrament of confession.

Javier Romero Bedate
Melissa Butz