Cardinal Newman Society makes a pilgrimage to see their patron's canonization

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The United States' Cardinal Newman Society aims to promote and defend Catholic education. Their patron, John Henry Newman, was a defender of education himself. This American society celebrated their leader by making a pilgrimage to see his canonization.

President, Cardinal Newman Society
“John Henry Newman always seems to us the ideal patron for the renewal of Catholic education, and pretty much everything he is known for in his life: his conversion, his fight against liberalism in religion. All of it was related to his vocation as an educator.” “So his whole life was dedicated to education, to the promotion of truth, the dissemination of truth.”

Upon Newman's second trip to Rome, he went directly to St. Peter's Basilica to the tomb of the first pope, where he found Pope Pius IX celebrating a private Mass. The pilgrimage plans to travel to St. Peter's Basilica and other important places in Newman's life. 

They will also visit Chiesa Nuova, the Missionary Museum Propaganda Fide and the Santa Croce Basilica, to truly understand their patron. The president of the Cardinal Newman Society explains the similar education style of Newman.

President, Cardinal Newman Society
“This emphasis on the formation and teaching young people to be able to think, to be able to reason, he [Newman] didn't want students to simply recite their creed. He wanted them to understand it, he wanted them to enter into it, and to be able to explain it to anyone around them.”

After learning about Newman in Rome, they will return to the United States on the 17th.

Rachel Dobrzynski

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