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Pope names new Prefect of Secretariat for Economy

The pope has assigned Jesuit Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves as the new Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy of the Holy See. The priest will begin his duties in January, 2020.

Guerrero should now be appointed bishop, but Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr. Arturo Sosa, has asked the pope to allow Guerrero to be prefect without being ordained, so once his mission is accomplished, he will be able to return to his ordinary life as a Jesuit.

This appointment brings an end to the nine months the Secretariat for the Economy has functioned without a prefect, since the dismissal of Card. George Pell. The cardinal has not worked for the Secretariat since June, 2017, when he left for Australia to face the pedophilia trial that has now been passed on to the Australian Supreme Court. 

Spanish Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves is 60 years old and is one of Fr. Arturo Sosa's closest collaborators since 2017. He also has been the Superior General for the Interprovincial Houses and Works of the Society of Jesus in Rome until now.

He holds degrees in economy, philosophy and theology. He's been a university professor, novice master and missionary in places such as Brazil and Mozambique.

He's been described as prudent, discreet and more than capable of staying calm in stressful moments; all qualities that will be very useful when handling the Vatican's economic questions.

Ángeles Conde
Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski