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Singer Cristina Quintero releases new version of her song “Cuanto Vale”

“Cuanto vale tu presencia...”

This is Colombian singer-songwriter Cristina Quintero.

During a spiritual retreat, she realized her life mission is to use her musical talent to serve others. Despite initial fear and insecurity, she decided to follow what she considers “God's dreams” for her life.

Colombian singer
“I felt something in my heart telling me, 'You can't do it.' It was like my mind was saying what I was doing was silly, impossible, too difficult. I felt Jesus answering, 'Yes you can,' and I would say 'No I can't.' Then Jesus would say 'Yes you can. You can because I will help you.'”

“Cuanto vale tu perdón...”

Cristina has recorded her first album, and many of her videos have gathered thousands of views on YouTube. She wants her songs to bring people closer to the faith, going beyond the initial emotion that music evokes.

Colombian singer
“Our objective as Catholic singers is not simply to entertain with a song. The idea is for the message to transcend and reach the heart, to not only affect the emotions, but to truly move the will to something, in this case to love God.'”

Cristina says it is incredible what God can do through music. She recalls a girl who wrote to her saying she almost committed suicide, but then changed her mind after watching her sing.

Colombian singer
“God touched her heart and she abandoned the horrible idea to take her own life. She told me to keep making music and to not stop uploading videos. It was like a confirmation of God's call to me to make music.”

Two months ago she released a new version of her song “Cuanto vale” with Costa Rican, Luis Mauricio Vargas. The song talks about the need to, above all, feel loved by God.

 “Tu y yo estamos unidos...