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Book examines how radical feminism has changed family and motherhood

Contraception, abortion and pre-marital sex. According to a new book, these make up radical feminism and the occult which originated in the 1960s. 

The book is titled “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity” Carrie Gress, editor of the women’s magazine Theology of Home, examines how the modern-day culture has sought to destroy womanhood and the family.

Author, “The Anti-Mary Exposed”
“I noticed patterns from politics and fashion magazines, pop music and Hollywood that we really have the same radical feminist agenda that is pushed out to all women in different mediums.” FLASH “It is the same group of people who are really pro-abortion.”

She adds how these ideologies spread throughout society that objectify women and seek to change their identity has ultimately left them unhappy. 

Author, “The Anti-Mary Exposed”
“If you look at the metrics of women today you can see everything from suicide numbers, divorce rates, depression, STDs, all these things are showing that women are incredibly unhappy. Feminism is something we are being sold, but is not something we ought to be buying.”     

She hopes this new book will help people realize the negative effects radical feminism has had on the dignity of the family and womanhood. 

Sean Richardson