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Rome Reports

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Artist captures pope's humility in portrait

This is Italian artist Michael Lemma.

He started drawing as a young boy and found inspiration in the corners of Rome and the Vatican. He gradually improved his drawing skills, a technique using charcoal on white paper. It demands great precision and delicacy.


“I've always enjoyed drawing. I do charcoal drawings and apply the chiaroscuro technique. Art is everything to me because it helps me express myself. For me that is very important.”

Michael finds inspiration in the most famous corners of the Eternal City. He prefers when admirers can easily recognize the places represented in his drawings.


“Rome is the perfect city for creating art. It's full of monuments and places that inspire artists. The Vatican is a beautiful place to draw. It holds centuries of history, which makes it a truly fantastic place to be able to draw.”

Michael showed one of his works to Pope Francis. It was a portrait of the pope himself. Michael says it was very exciting to see the pope's astonished face in front of his proudest work.


“My art has been influenced by the Holy Father's humility. This is very inspiring to me.”

“I am struck when I see humility.”

Michael's works are very realistic. He participates in exhibits in Rome so everyone can see and enjoy art first-hand.