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Author unveils powerful effect of music on humans

Music remains to be a part of many people's lives, but it stays a mystery to most people. This is exactly what author and composer Michael Kurek sets out to unveil with his new book. “The Sound of Beauty” offers answers about the spiritual formation of music, differences between immanence and transcendence, and breaks down what “beauty” and “creativity” really are.

When Kurek reverted to Catholicism, he decided to incorporate God into his work as a composer. As he began to combine the two, he started questioning why music has such a powerful effect on humans.

Author of “The Sound of Beauty”

Music is a mysterious thing. It's just this invisible force in the air and it comes and goes, and we don't really always have a sense of what it even is. FLASH I realized there was a great deal of symbolism in music, to spiritual truth, symbolism of the Eucharist, symbolism of the Trinity, trinity of immanence and transcendence.

Kurek guides even the most non-musical readers through faith and sound in this new work. The audience weaves through theology and classical compositions, while the renowned composer includes insight on the Lord's gift.

Author of “The Sound of Beauty”

You know, He didn't have to make sound or hearing or ears. He could have made us all telepathic. But He gave us this amazing, glorious gift to cause us to love Him and to fellowship with Him.

Although the book discusses different musical topics, it appears the main message Kurek displays is that God loves through music.

Rachel Dobrzynski