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Grammy Award-winning Christian artist Juan Delgado brings hope to Venezuela

Juan Delgado is a Venezuelan producer and singer whose goal is to encourage those who have lost hope.

In 2019, he won a Latin Grammy for his album “Todo pasa,” in English, “Everything passes.” His faith journey however, hasn't always been a joyful one. It started with an illness that almost killed him.

“My mom went to a community called 'The Samaritans' in Caracas. It's a charismatic Catholic community. She went to look for help because I got sick and couldn't get better.”
“Then she underwent a huge life change. She started going to Mass, and so did I. Some months later, I was so impacted by her transformation that I decided to get closer to the Church.”

Juan wants to use his music to encourage others to grow closer to God, as he did. He says his music has helped transform the hearts of several Latinos.

“Someone from Patagonia wrote to me saying he had an autistic son who was very hard to control. When they played this music for him, he would calm down. Another person wrote saying he couldn't live anymore, but this music helped him overcome his problems.”

He hopes his message will resonate with Venezuelans. That's the objective of the song “Todo pasa.” It's based on St. Teresa of Avila's poem, “Let nothing disturb you.”

“Many have had to let family members die due to a lack of resources. Others have had to leave everything and travel through Latin America in search of anything to send money back home. There is great suffering. The Venezuelan people must know this is temporary and that everything will pass. This message is for them.”

Juan Delgado plans on releasing a new album. In the meantime, he hopes his songs will help people face the problems of today.

Carlos Kestler
Translation: Claudia Torres