New book on Chema Postigo, father of 18 children who moved world

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Chema Postigo died in 2017 after a serious case of liver cancer.

He left behind a very big family and a huge sense of goodness. That's why many see him as a role model.

For years, he and his wife gave family orientation talks to couples from around the world.

Now, after two years of work and over 130 interviews, bookstores have a book revealing his secret. The title translates to “Chema Postigo, the man who made his heart fly.”

Author, “Chema Postigo, el hombre que hizo volar su corazón”
“Chema Postigo is like the iceberg of generosity. At the tip of the iceberg is his numerous family; he had 18 kids. The rest of the iceberg, 90 percent of the iceberg, holds a much smaller number of people who he loved, with his friends, his relatives, with people from all over the world.”

The book contains over 200 testimonies to reconstruct the secret of Chema Postigo, a man who, according to his biographer, left a “spiritual tsunami on earth.”

Author, “Chema Postigo, el hombre que hizo volar su corazón”
“I was struck by the funeral, a funeral with 3,500 people in Santa Maria del Mar, the Cathedral of the Sea of Barcelona. The whole vigil had a big impact on me.”
“I have seen, I have proven, that Chema left a large trace.”

The book reveals the spiritual richness of Chema, centered on attention to the little things and on daily and personal dealings with God. This was reflected in the way Chema treated his family and anyone he met.

Author, “Chema Postigo, el hombre que hizo volar su corazón”
“The first impression is the book is going well, above all because you can see people like it. It's satisfying to see people are enjoying it, but above all I like to hear people say they are moved to tears.”

The book has been presented in Madrid and Barcelona. It will be presented in other cities of Spain. The author hopes it will soon be translated into other languages, so people from all over the world can be inspired by the example of Chema Postigo.

Carlos Colomer
Translation: Claudia Torres

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