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Benedict XVI asks to remove his name as co-author of celibacy book

In a rapid firing of tweets concerning the book, “From the Depths of Our Hearts” a new solution has been found. 

Georg Gänswein, personal secretary of the pope emeritus, announced that at Benedict's request, he asked the book's publishers to remove his name as co-author and from the introduction and conclusions. 

Tuesday afternoon, Cardinal Robert Sarah thus posted that, “considering the controversies provoked by the publication,” the book's author will now read, “Card Sarah, with the contribution of Benedict XVI.” Despite this outward change, he assures the contents inside the book will not be modified.

According to Benedict's secretary, the pope emeritus had written the text on celibacy in summer 2019, for a book, but was not informed about the actual form and layout of the planned book.

Gänswein says “it was a misunderstanding, without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah.” 

Melissa Butz