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Rome Reports

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Spanish students get shout-out from Pope Francis at General Audience

This group of students and their teachers are from the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School, in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. They were excited to see the pope at his General Audience.

“It was quite emotional, especially when the pope mentioned the Spaniards and everything. Well, he dedicated part of the prayer to what we are: the Spanish people. It was moving, and something that will stay in our memories, something that will remain inside us.”

During the audience, the pope gave them a special shout-out as part of the Spanish-speaking pilgrims present in Paul VI Hall.

I cordially greet the Spanish-speaking pilgrims from Spain and Latin-America.

The students said they were impressed by the number of people in attendance, and of course, by Pope Francis himself.

“Well, [it's like] when you see a famous person on TV, then you run into him in the street. Cool!”

“He transmitted a sense of tranquility and peace, because he was that way, calm and at peace, so he made me feel the same.”

Before returning to Spain, the students plan on visiting the former house of St. Rafaela Maria, the founder of the religious congregation that established their school.

Claudia Torres