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Vatican museums shows exclusive contemporary art collection

This exhibit shows the wonders of contemporary art preserved in the Vatican museums.

Normally, only art specialists have access to this collection of prints and engravings.

Art Curator
“The artists who created these pieces captured their ideas in a matrix; the matrix can be wood, metal or stone. They have worked detail by detail because the images and graphics require so much technique and patience.”

After the long process of creating the artist's inspiration, the last step is printing the work on a piece of paper, so each final work is unique.

The exhibition also presents 150 prints by different artists such as Salvador Dalí, Max Hermann and Giacomo Mazù. It also includes models of different sculptures, such as “The Resurrection,” by Pericle Fazzini, which is in Paul VI Audience Hall.

Art Curator
“This collection has very spontaneous origins, meaning it wasn't created for a collector. It's the result of artists donating to Paul VI, who invited them to approach the Church. Thus, the next generation joined the collection.”

The exhibition “I Segni del Sacro – Le impronte del reale” presents part of the contemporary art collection from the Vatican museums. It's open to visitors until Feb. 29, 2020.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Rachel Dobrzynski