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Pope at Santa Marta: Church will not advance with boring, bitter Christians

During his homily at Casa Santa Marta, the pope reflected on how rarely rigid Christians are able to evangelize. As an example, he used King David's wife, Michal. She resented her husband when she saw him celebrating the return of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Church will not advance, the Gospel will not go forward with boring, bitter evangelizers. No. Don't be like this lady, Michal, like formal Christians, prisoners of formality.

The pope's new secretary Fr. Gonzalo Aemilius, was at the Mass. He will work closely with the pope's other secretary, Yoannis Lahzi.


(Source: Vatican News)

The Pope pointed out that we also experience this joy and celebrate when "when we are with the Lord" in our parishes or villages. In this regard, he recalled that at the time of Nehemiah, in the Old Testament, people wept with joy when the book of the law was found, and they continued their celebration at home. 

Continuing David’s story, the Pope said that one of his wives, Michal, Saul’s daughter, reproached him with contempt saying he was dancing shamelessly like a vulgar, like one of the people.

The Pope described Michal’s reaction as contempt of “genuine religiosity” and spontaneity of joy of being with the Lord. But David explained to her that he was rejoicing in the Lord as the ark was back home. The Bible says that Michal was punished for this and did not bear children. Without joy in the heart, the Pope said, a Christian is not fruitful.

Pope Francis further explained that celebration is not only expressed spiritually but becomes sharing. After the blessing, David distributed to each person “a loaf of bread, a cut of roast meat and a raisin cake”, so that everyone could celebrate in their homes. "The Word of God is not ashamed of celebration,” the Pope said, warning, at the same time, of the danger of a joy that goes beyond limits, believing this is everything.

Javier Romero
Translation: Melissa Butz