Pope jokes with newlyweds from two countries united by love of wine

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Francisca and Salvatore recently got married. They attended a General Audience with the pope to ask for his blessing. They weren't alone however. Francisca's family made the 14-hour journey to be with them on their wedding day and to see the pope.

“The truth is it was really exciting. He said hi to us. I didn't think he would be so close. When we told him we were a mixed couple, from Chile and Italy, he said, 'Well, the meeting point is wine.' He read us perfectly. It was very beautiful, and as husband and wife, something unique.”

Francisca and Salvatore are grateful for the pope's blessing. They see it as a great way to begin their new life as a married couple.

“It's also important for my family, to be married by the Church, which beyond religion is the union between Francisca and me.”

Among family and friends who arrived from Chile was Francisca's mom. She says she was very happy to have met Pope Francis with her daughter just a few days after her wedding in Rome.


“She's staying here [in Rome]. I'm happy, because now we'll have to come visit her all the time.”

It's another reason to celebrate the union of these two people from two countries very far from each other, but with one thing in common: good wine.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres

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